Joint Technology Committee

The Joint Technology Committee has members from both WMIA and WMMA. The committee strives to highlight and inform on technology that is currently or will be affecting the wood industry as a whole. The JTC also hopes to attract and develop a younger group within the industry. Reach out to [email protected] if you're interested in joining!

JTC27 Webinars: 

5 Practical QR Code Use Cases


Travel Tech



Meet the Committee

WMIA Members

Wes Bryant (Chair) Jason Dingess Tommy Gagnon Edwin Grempels Todd Hensley
Randy Jamison David Lillard Scott Masse Jill Perris James Scarlett

WMMA Members

David Biggs (Chair) Jeff Onsrud Ryan Buntzman Mark Chappell Micah Coleman
Joel Danowitz Dave Elderedge Mike Fiantaca Cheneil Garrett Mark Hesseling
Jake Mulder James Orr Chris Wagler    


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